The Art of Ghost of Tsushima has provided fans with more details about the game’s upcoming Legends co-op mode, due out in Fall 2020.

A Ghost of Tsushima art book has revealed more details about the game’s upcoming ‘Legends’ co-op mode, which is set to arrive during Fall 2020.Fans have been receiving ‘The Art of Ghost of Tsushima’ recently, with many taking to YouTube and forums like ResetEra to share the extra details found within the artbook.A new character called the ‘Storyteller’ is set to appear, a masked traveller who is “all-seeing and all-knowing.” The landscapes in the Legends mode are also described as having “a more dream-like quality” than the main game, with “exaggerated features and a different color palette” inspired by ancient Japanese woodblock prints.
TheSushiSquire’s video also shows off some new enemy types and bosses, including a creepy masked warrior who transforms into a beast with gnarled limbs (who wouldn’t look out of place in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) that boss is shown to have multiple phases, implying we’ll be taking on monsters for longer boss fights than most of Tsushima’s brief combat encounters. We also see different classes of Oni demons, as well as Tengu, which will likly be your more basic enemies.
The video also offers a glimpse at the game’s menus, which look typically minimalist and tinged with a red hue. It looks as if there will be new resources or currencies available in Legends, and new menu screens for Crafting and Feats tease new features coming to the game as part of the upcoming co-op mode.
According to the Google Books page for The Art of Ghost of Tsushima, there are nearly 20 pages of concepts and details about the Legends DLC.
Ghost of Tsushima: Legends’ online co-op will be free upon the expansion’s launch in Fall 2020. You can read more about what to expect from the new mode here.
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