Ridiculous attempt to cross border costs six Victorians $24,000

A busload of Victorians have copped a $24,000 fine over an audacious attempt to cross the Queensland border illegally.The group of six is accused of lying on their border declaration forms to get into the Sunshine State in a mini-van.
Police say the passengers hopped out and tried crossing the border on foot but officers spotted them.
When the officers checked their phones, location settings and photos revealed they’d been in Victoria within the past 14 days. They were fined $4000 each bringing the total cost of the road trip to $24,000.
Seven News spoke to some of the Victorians, who seem to have taken the experience on the chin.
“100 per cent we definitely knew we were breaking the rules,” one of the fined travellers said. “Money doesn’t run the world it’s all good,” another added.
Queensland opened its borders to other states on Friday. However, Victoria is still excluded.
Meanwhile police in Victoria, police have handed out 119 fines to people breaching coronavirus directions in the last 24 hours.
They have given some examples.
Nine people gathered for a 30th birthday party at a private residence in Caulfield were fined.
They said there were “numerous incidents where people have been stopped on their way to visit friends or have been hosting gatherings at private properties”.
There have also been 51 infringement notes issued at vehicle checkpoints.
In the last 24 hours, there were 17,133 vehicles stopped at checkpoints on main arterial roads and there were 1086 spot checks on people at homes, business and public places across the state.