Qld man raped and tortured woman for weeks

A Queensland man systematically raped and burned a woman during three weeks of drug-induced violence that grew more brutal as her injuries worsened.Nicholas John Crilley, 34, pleaded guilty to 54 offences, including grievous bodily harm, deprivation of liberty and torture, following the 23-day attack in June 2017.
His assaults left the woman, who was 22 at the time, so severely injured, paramedics initially thought she was dead, the Brisbane District Court heard on Tuesday.
“(Crilley) subjected the (woman) to severe physical, psychological and sadistic violence,” prosecutor Sandra Cupina said.
It included violently sexually assaulting her on an almost daily basis, setting her on fire and pouring burning water on the woman’s genitals.
“(He) beat (her), would become quite sexually aroused and then rape her,” Ms Cupina said.
Crilley also made the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, eat her own faeces and vomit, and told her to choose her method of death.
She suffered multiple broken bones, deep lacerations to her face, including the “degloving of the skin”, and burns to 46 per cent of her body.
“The tissue on part of her face was so severely infected it was also infested with maggots,” Ms Cupina said.
“If she had not been treated in hospital she would have died.”
Crilley eventually called triple-zero before fleeing the Brisbane home where most of offending occurred.
He was taken into custody eight days later following a dramatic police chase involving several stolen cars.
Paramedics found the woman “on the brink of death” in a semi-conscious state and severely malnourished.
She was placed in an induced coma and spent eight weeks in hospital recovering, which included learning to walk again.
Doctors placed metal plates into her face and amputated part of a finger – crushed by one of Crilley’s blows as she attempted to defend herself.
The woman also suffered severe internal bleeding due to the sexual violence she was subjected to and later learned she had fallen pregnant to her attacker.
“I have been disfigured both mentally and physically. It is something I would not wish on my worst enemies,” she said, reading her victim impact statement to the court.
She said people now look at her as a “monster” because of her “horrific, very visible and predominantly irreversible” injuries.
“Every time I leave my home I am stared at. I do not see myself walking down an aisle and fulfilling a woman’s dream of being married in a white gown to a man she loves,” she said.
Ms Cupina said Crilley’s violent attacks were sustained, brutal and vicious.
“As (the woman) became more injured, (Crilley) increased the methods he was using to harm her,” she said.
“First the boiling water, then the acetone, then setting her on fire.”
“The horror (she) would have been experiencing is almost unimaginable,” she said.
Defence lawyer Malcolm Harrison said Crilley was in a methylamphetamine-induced delusional state during the prolonged assault.
He said Crilley believed the woman had been part of a drive-by shooting that targeted him, but it was not based on reality.
“This is a dreadful and extremely serious example of violence against a woman,” he said.
“The offences were sadistic in nature.”
However, Mr Harrison reminded the court Crilley had called triple-zero.
“That is probably the one factor in his favour,” he said.
Crilley will be sentenced on May 1. The Crown has asked that he be jailed for life.