My life in a Python package

Probably, at least to some extent.
First, our lives are different, so our APIs might be different too.
This is more of a demonstration of what’s I’m using, although I did spend effort towards making it as modular and extensible as possible, so other people could use it too.
It’s easy to modify code, add extra methods and modules. You can even keep all your modifications private.
But after all, we’ve all sharing many similar activities and using the same products, so there is a huge overlap.
I’m not sure how far we can stretch it and keep modules generic enough to be used by multiple people. But let’s give it a try perhaps? 🙂
Second, interacting with your data through the code is the central idea of the project.
That kind of cuts off people without technical skills, and even many people capable of coding,
who dislike the idea of writing code outside of work.
It might be possible to expose some no-code interfaces,
but I still feel that wouldn’t be enough.
I’m not sure whether it’s a solvable problem at this point, but happy to hear any suggestions!