Mario Kart Tour just got some new character, neither of which has ever been featured in a Mario Kart title since the Wii.

  • Mario Kart Tour is apparently going to be getting some new characters soon.
  • The addition of these new characters seems to indicate that more care is being put into the mobile game than the main game it is based on.
  • Clearly, Nintendo cares more about mobile game revenue than they do about their own public image.

Mario Kart Tour is trash. Not sure if Ive said that loud or long enough before now. Mobile gaming is were your franchise goes to devalue itself. Unless its Call of Duty or Fortnite, obviously.
It seems like Nintendo are big fans of their own work. Despite almost no attention being paid to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, theyre adding a bunch of characters to Tour.
Both Dixie Kong and Funky Kong, two fan-favorite characters from the Donkey Kong universe, are coming to the mobile game. Folks are understandably upset about it.
Not only is it possible to spend huge amounts of money in one go, but since character unlocks are mostly random, theres a certain gambling-like element to the whole affair. | Source: CCN/Nintendo
Mario Kart Tour Is Getting All the Love
Its pretty clear that Nintendo thinks theyre better than other mobile publishers. After all, theyve claimed in the past to ask their developers to scale down microtransactions.
Despite that, you can still spend the price of a full game in one go in Mario Kart Tour. Not to mention the games reliance on gambling-style gashapon mechanics.
Yet, despite this Mario Kart Tour is the game that gets consistent new updates and characters? Its not all that shocking I suppose. After all, $37.4 million in the first month its on sale isnt to be sniffed at.
Nintendo Should Focus on Their Actual Games
Since Nintendo maintains direct control over Mario Kart Tour, its all on them that this is happening. They could easily be pouring this effort into regular Mario Kart. Instead, they pander towards the mobile crowd.
If there was any justice in the world all of Nintendos mobile games would crash and burn. But they wont. The colorful characters and IPs have a broad appeal. Kids and addicts will have no trouble coming back for more time and time again.
Clearly, Nintendo is okay with that. If they werent why would they keep okaying fresh content for it? Their inclusion of new characters is basically taciturn support from Nintendo themselves.
Clearly, Mario Kart Tour is more important to them than their real games.
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