Lazlow Jones worked at Rockstar for nearly 20 years, writing and voicing many of the Grand Theft Auto series’ most famous radio shows.

Lazlow Jones, a veteran writer, producer and radio show host for the Grand Theft Auto series has left the studio after nearly 20 years.As spotted by Grand Theft Auto YouTuber GTAMen, Jones’ LinkedIn profile details the split, noting that he left the company in April 2020 and is now working on a number of in-development shows for Disney and Netflix and “consulting for a video game company.”Lazlow Jones worked on many of Rockstar’s most popular franchises such as Red Dead Redemption, Bully and Grand Theft Auto. You may know him best from his in-game work, scripting and hosting many radio shows across the Grand Theft Auto series, lending his voice to V-Rock in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Chattersphere in Grand Theft Auto V.
Jones’ writing partner Dan Houser most recently left Rockstar Games in March of this year, after founding the studio with his brother Sam in 1998. Sam Houser remains Rockstar’s company president.
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