Kate Langbroek details run-in with cops in Italy during coronavirus isolation

After two months of coronavirus lockdown, Kate Langbroek has had about enough of the Italian law enforcement officials.The Australian radio star called into FOX FM from her home in Bologna, where she has been in quarantine with her husband Pete Lewis and four kids, and detailed an “aggressive” run in she had with police while the couple went to the grocery store to buy Easter eggs on Good Friday.
She said they were told they weren’t allowed to be outside together.
“Italians have that knack. They can look at us and know we are not Italian,” she told radio hosts Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee.
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“I was so annoyed. I hate the one-size-fits-all rule. I said, ‘I’ve got four children at home, that’s a lot of food, that’s a lot of carrying on my own’.
“They were a bit surprised by how aggressive I was.
“They respect that attitude because it’s the attitude of an Italian woman. They’re quite forthright.
“That’s my new strategy. I’m going to be aggressive.”
It comes after Langbroek made headlines earlier this month when she revealed Lewis was given a notice while riding his bicycle, adding he was “being sued by police”.
“They held him up for 40 minutes, they basically interrogated him, and gave him a piece of paper, which he signed, even though it was in Italian, and he couldn’t understand it, which said he’s being sued by the police,” Langbroek said.
“I laughed and said, ‘Good, I hope they deport us. It’s the only way we can get out of here’.
“We’re not in isolation like you guys are in isolation.
“We’re not allowed to exercise in pairs, we’re not allowed to go outside. We are in solitary confinement, basically, except with six of us.
“The only reason you’re allowed to go out is to get groceries.”