Joe Exotic’s ex-husband, Tiger King star John Finlay, looks completely different now

Now this is a makeover if we ever saw one.Joe Exotic’s ex-husband, John Finlay, who famously featured in Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries, has undergone an extreme transformation.
And we mean it when we say he is literally unrecognisable.
In a bonus episode of the series about a flamboyant, gay zoo owner that has stunned the world, Finlay was interviewed via video chat by host, comedian Joel McHale, who revisited all the stars made famous from the show in a Netflix special.
And viewers couldn’t believe they were seeing Finlay, who sported a luscious beard, a full set of teeth and was actually wearing a shirt (he didn’t wear one for the entirety of the original seven episodes).
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Here are just a few reactions from shocked viewers:
During the series we saw Finlay leave Exotic and move on with a fellow employee, a female, and the pair had a child together.
However, he has since left her and is now engaged to another woman.
He claims on his social media channels he is a motivational speaker.
Finlay recently told Variety, “Anybody can change their life for the better. We can all have better lives if we just apply ourselves to it and have a positive attitude.
“Nothing is written in stone, ‘You have to be this way or you have to be that way’. We can all change our own lives of how everything should be.”
However he didn’t provide anywhere near that many words in an Australian interview with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM, which the pair dubbed “one of the hardest interviews” they’ve ever conducted.
After saying hello to the hosts, Finlay revealed he was in a relationship with Exotic for 11 years but said that they were never officially married.
“Why did you two break up?” Kyle asked.
“There were some problems in the relationship and problems outside the relationship,” he replied.
“Right …” Kyle said, hoping Mr Finlay would elaborate. He didn’t.
It got even more awkward when Jackie asked him, “You’ve gone from being someone who no one would recognise on the street … now a lot of people would recognise you, yet you probably can’t walk the streets (because of COVID-19)?”
“Um …” Mr Finlay replied before going completely silent.
“Life is good or not good?” Kyle said, prompting him for a response.
More awkward silence.
With Jackie O giggling in the background, Kyle asked: “You alright, John? Did she stump you? Too hard that question?”
Mr Finlay paused before saying, “I couldn’t really understand the question”.