“I’ve learned that the confidence to look how I wanted was there all along.”

“I always said I would be terrible at working from home but it turns out I have a pretty good work ethic, even when Im not being observed. I might even try to negotiate a work from home day once a week when this is all over.”
“I’ve learned that the confidence to look how I wanted was there all along. I’ve always been a bit weird and out there, but I hid it away for fear of judgement. When I realised that a) there were very few people out and about, and b) everyone was feeling kinda supportive of each other anyway, I started to go out wearing some very odd clothes. I feel awesome! Finally I can just go the hell out wearing my velvet evening dress and purple tights and I don’t feel like anyone’s going to care if anything, maybe it might cheer them up.”
“I have learned that I literally like burgers so much I could eat them every day. I had three burgers last week, but I could have had more.”
“I learned that I’m a person who prefers eating six smaller meals a day. Now my mum knows to leave the lights on for my usual midnight snack.”
“I learned that I enjoy doing house chores way more than I thought. Before all this, my house would always be a mess. I didn’t do anything honestly; my family did the best to manage the house work. I was lazy but I am loving it right now. I deep cleaned my whole house!”
“I’ve learned that I can take risks and relish in the results. I shaved my head this past weekend after talking about it for twelve years. And you know what? I love it and I should’ve done it sooner.”
“I thought I would struggle with not going outside for days. I actually really havent missed it Im definitely an indoors person.”
“I have learned that no one cares about shoes or handbags when it comes down to it. What will matter in the end, is not what you wore or where you went, its the people you were with.”
“I have always thought of myself as an introvert who is happy in my own company so I thought I would find this lockdown easy! Turns out I miss seeing and talking to people face-to-face and whilst I do like my own company soon I miss the smiles of others!”
“I learned that I am demi-sexual. I have a longterm boyfriend it took some ~alone time~, videos calls with him, and lots of thinking about my feelings to realise, but now everything seems to make sense.”
“I have been suffering with anxiety and depression after being in a difficult relationship, but at the moment I’m living alone. I have used this time for therapy and self help. I have learned how powerful self-care and love is. I have learned how beautiful I really am inside and out, and that I am okay alone right now.”
“I discovered that I am more religious than I thought. I just hadn’t had the time before to sit down and explore my spirituality to the extent that I should have been. Im learning new things about Islam and becoming more disciplined as the days pass!”
“I’ve learned that writing is truly a passion of mine. I’ve spent most of my time researching for a novel I’m writing.”
“I need my alone time! If not, I end up being grumpy and on edge!”
“Ive learned that I love womens WWE! Why the hell did I not get into this before?”
“Ive learned that I actually enjoy cooking. Normally I would order takeout almost everyday of the week, but because Im not currently working Ive been a lot better at grocery shopping and preparing my meals to save money. Im having so much fun finding recipes and using all of the gadgets in my kitchen!”
“I have learnt that I can only look at dirty or untidy things for a maximum of three days. So far my windows have been washed, the garden and hedges have been trimmed and the kitchen walls have been cleaned. Please let me out before I run out of things to clean!”
“I learned that it’s possible for me to be bored enough to study maths, a subject that I hate with passion, even if it won’t affect my grades. I realised that studying something you don’t like can actually be fun when you do it on your own pace and with the freedom to choose learning resources.”
“I used to be very fit, but stopped going for runs or to the gym when I became anaemic a year ago, for fear of fainting or falling. I’ve been feeling low about myself and my body since. I learned during lockdown that I can exercise safely at home. I got small dumbbells and Just Dance for my console and have been exercising more than ever! I take small walks now too which is more than I did before and it adds up without pushing myself.”
“Ive struggled with chronic depression since I was a Freshman in High School. It took years to figure out what I could do to overcome it, and that included surrounding myself with people who encouraged me to take care of my body and my brain. Whether that was family, friends, or co-workers, I always had other people to go to when I was struggling. Now, just having moved to a completely new city with my girlfriend during a pandemic, neither of us are able to get out and meet new people and develop that sense of community. Over this time in quarantine, Ive learned that I have to rely so much more on myself to protect my mental health. I have to be very careful to stay busy and productive and use helpful self-talk when feeling down. My ‘feel good plan’ as my mom calls it, has had to shift completely. I know that if/when this is all over, Ill be even stronger than I was before when it came to battling my depression.”
Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.