George Floyd riots: How New York City protesters identify undercover cops in crowds

New York protesters have found a way to identify undercover cops infiltrating the citys riots, and theyre sharing the distinguishing feature on social media to help others evade arrest. The country’s mass protests were sparked following the death of African-American man George Floyd, who was killed by police while in custody.
Now, some New York City protesters claim they’ve spotted a distinguishing feature in alleged undercover police officers in a crowd.
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Twitter user Zack Bornstein first noticed a considerable number of bulky-looking men in the New York crowds, all in groups and wearing white armbands.
“NYC friends, I noticed all the undercover cops are wearing white arm bands, probably to recognise each other. Be careful,” Mr Bornstein tweeted to his thousands of followers.
Mr Bornstein’s message has since been liked over 100,000 times.
Others also joined the chorus, taking their own photos of men in groups all wearing the same coloured armband.
When people examined the photos more closely, they were also able to spot body cameras attached to the men.
People were quick to point out that the colour coding system has been used for years by police officers, and to be wary of when the white armband inevitably changes to something else.
“Big FYI: For years, NYPD have had undercover cops deployed based on a colour of the day model. Today it’s white, tomorrow could be green. Not always an armband,” one man said.
Some protesters have shown their disregard for US police officers in other ways, by burning down their cars and taking selfies.