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The government should adopt “voluntary testing” and regional air corridors instead of quarantining all holidaymakers returning from Spain, the group which represents the airline industry said.”We back the idea of voluntary testing on arrival or before you leave, we think testing would enable perhaps countries where quarantine would still apply as a whole, to enable individuals to come back without the need for quarantine if they test,” Rob Griggs of Airlines UK told BBC Breakfast.
“And that’s something that’s been trialled in various parts around the world now, but we also think it’s important to enable countries that are on the ‘go’ list, and people are able to fly, they will have the added reassurance that they would be able to take a test when they come back and not have to quarantine.
“For us the testing element is very important and the regional aspect, if the whole country isn’t necessarily affected in the same way, can we be a little bit more specific in whether restrictions apply.”