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Trump’s state reopening guidelines branded ‘vague and inconsistent’Donald Trump has unveiled his administrations guidelines for when states can reopen for business and end their coronavirus lockdown measures, making an about-turn from his Monday claim to absolute power as he told state governors on Thursday: You are going to call your own shots.
The president laid out what he characterised as “a phased and deliberate approach” to restoring normal activity in places that have strong testing and are seeing a decrease in Covid-19 cases.
The new guidelines – intended to be carried out as “a gradual process”, he said – are aimed at easing restrictions in areas with low transmission of the coronavirus, while holding the line in harder-hit locations.
They make clear that the return to normalcy will be a far longer process than Trump himself had initially envisioned, with federal officials warning that some social distancing measures may need to remain in place through the end of the year to prevent a new outbreak. And they largely reinforce plans already in the works by governors, who have primary responsibility for public health in their states.
Places with declining infections and rigorous testing will begin a three-phase reopening of businesses and schools, according to the new rules.
But House speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to dismiss his instructions.”The White House’s vague and inconsistent document does nothing to make up for the president€™s failure to listen to the scientists and produce and distribute national rapid testing,” she said in a statement last night.
Here’s John T Bennett’s report.