Coronavirus Australia: Seven guests infected with COVID-19 after Bali wedding

Despite the PMs warning to Australians in early March not to travel overseas, 30 people still attended a wedding in Bali at the end of the month only for seven of them to become infected with the potentially-deadly coronavirus. Newcastle couple Matt and Jess Muir tied the knot in front of the smaller group of 30, instead of the planned 120 guests, at the Villa Shalimar in Canggu on March 20, according to reports in the Daily Mail.
In an Instagram post, the bride thanked friends and family for their “sacrifice” in travelling overseas when she posted photos from the ceremony and reception to Instagram.
“Thinking about how appreciative and thankful we are of the sacrifice each one of them made to celebrate our special day! It meant the absolute world to us!” she wrote.
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Seven of the guests who attended what one guest called “the greatest wedding ever” later tested positive for COVID-19 upon returning home to Australia.
“We all came home, we didn’t even know we had it, there were no symptoms,” one of those infected told the Daily Mail, adding everyone had recovered and nobody required hospital treatment.
“One person got tested and was positive so we all got tested. It wasn’t even that bad, I’ve woken up with worse hangovers.”
All guests who made the trip spent 14 days in self-isolation, as per government orders, once they’d returned to Australia. According to some, attending the festivities was worth spending two weeks locked indoors.
“Such a pleasure being able to watch these two get married!” one guest commented under the bride’s post.
“Worth every minute of the next 14 days in isolation.”
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Less than a week after the Muir’s wedding, Scott Morrison went from warning Australian citizens from overseas travel to banning them from doing so – and announced weddings around the nation would be limited to five people.
“Weddings can continue to be conducted where it is just the couple, the celebrant and the witnesses. No more than five people,” the PM said, adding the “four square meeting rule has to be observed within the venue in which that is taking place”.
“Large gatherings for weddings, sadly, won’t be possible under these new arrangements.”
It’s not the first time a wedding has led to a virus outbreak. The March 6 wedding of social media star Scott Maggs and Emma Metcalf made headlines after more than 30 guests became infected with coronavirus.
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At the time the groom told The Sydney Morning Herald his world had been turned “upside down” by the situation.
“It’s insane. We were kissing and hugging people all night. We can’t explain it let alone believe it,” Mr Maggs said.
“We’ve had to deal with people accusing us of being irresponsible, blaming us for the virus,” the bride told the publication.
“It has been pretty full on, we are very sensitive about that and trying to shield our guests from that.”