Braid: In striking act of generosity, Alberta donates protective gear worth $41 million to three provinces.

Those regional setups are good at meeting local needs, but they can be dysfunctional in the face of an all-consuming threat like COVID-19.
Local health authorities dont have the purchasing power to match a big uni-system like Albertas.
In Alberta, AHS makes all the calls and supplies the goods.
Often accused of being too big, AHS in this crisis has proven to be exceptionally efficient at supplying Albertas needs and even Canadas, it appears.
Kenneys people say the decision was all medical and humanitarian, not political, but there are undeniable benefits.
The first is goodwill, which Alberta will definitely need as Canada emerges from the pandemic and usual issues, like pipelines, reappear.
Also, the Trudeau government keeps throwing out hints about invoking the federal Emergencies Act, which would give Ottawa power to redistribute supplies to areas of greatest need.
Kenney just showed the country that federal intervention isnt necessary. This is both humane and very, very smart.
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