Bitrain is a fintech platform that is set to become a pioneer when it comes to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)  into digitalization & security of financial assets.

Kim Young Man is a serial investor and owner of multiple businesses in Asia. According to his biography, Kim made his first million-dollar 15 years ago with multiple investments in real estate, finance & pharmaceutical cosmetics. He later became officially ranked among the worlds top super-rich investors with over $30 million worth of assets after he invested in Bitpoint Japan and Cryptocurrencies. Currently, the total asset of Kim Young Man is estimated at over $300 million dollars.
Some of the businesses, including the fintech companies, owned by Kim Young Man is the trading Exchange network BITPOINT KOREA, JCRE INC. (Cosmeceuticals Corporation), SYSNTECH CO. (Bio-technology), HK ROBO ADVISER INC. (Research & development of Artificial Intelligence) and FTC & ETS KOREA (Internet of things IoT). He is believed to own an investment ecosystem in many fields with a total assets value of over 600 million USD.
Kim Young Man has an obvious soft spot for new technologies, he can easily be described as a man of tech as he has invested in 12 technology projects over the last 10 years, with his investment spanning across technologies such as biotechnology (Bio-Tech), Finance Technology (Fintech), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. He also has a strategic cooperative relationship with more than 30 of the largest technology and financial investment funds in Japan & South Korea, with more than 1,800 major investors from 16 countries.
Kim Young Man is definitely not a pushover when it comes to investing and running businesses as he is a real business magnate that has paid his dues. He has already built a reputation for himself when it comes to investing and running technology-based businesses and companies and more recently, he has invested over $20 million USD in a fintech company that he also founded and is the CEO, Bitrain.
Bitrain is a fintech platform that is set to become a pioneer when it comes to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)  into digitalization & security of financial assets, with the aim of optimizing the speed & performance of financial transactions while connecting infrastructures with a network of Fintech & E-commerce platforms.
Also, the platform will introduce a Digitalized Asset Protocol with a digital-capable technology that will help in the assetization of various fields, especially in the traditional fields, to ensure the absolute safety & security for all assets, investments & financial transactions on its platform, with the aim that it helps it become a pioneer in Asia, more specifically, Southeast Asia.
Bitrain was created to help hundreds of potential FINTECH projects that are qualified to find suitable individual investors, with the aim of helping each of the projects to generate revenue & profit as well as help the investors make yields in billion high-profit, thereby creating a comprehensive & global-scale Financial Technology ecosystem.
Bitrain is an ecosystem with a total value of over $2 billion dollars just after 3 years of development. The ecosystem consists of the organization of administration which is the BRC Foundation, a cryptocurrency, the BRC token, a multifunctional digital wallet, the TODI wallet, a financial and investment advisor, the Bitrain Tobo-trading, a Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange, the Bitrain Exchange, a P2P OTC Exchange, the Bitrain P2P, a P2P Dividend Option Exchange, the BICTIK DIVIDEND OPTION, an E-commerce Exchange, the Bitrain E-commerce.
The entire Bitrain ecosystem is a promising project that already has a strategic partnership with Tokenbank and many financial partnerships in Asia. Bitrain Platform is already setting itself up to be ranked among the best fintech project in the coming years and Kim Young Man also believes this which is why he claimed that Bitrain will be able to create a revolutionary change in the global Financial Technology (Fintech) industry within the next 10 years.
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