BBC Sport journalists select the 50 sport video games that have shaped our lives.

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If you found yourself shouting or mouthing game then its clear we are already preaching to the converted.
Simple game play. No two-goals are the same. The ability to control the clubs on and off-field success.
The early-to-mid-90s battle for best football simulator was an intensely fierce one. Enough to make a Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane 50-50 tackle look like a pillow fight.
Sensible Soccer, Actua Soccer and Kick Off all showed signs of promise but would soon disappear – like that academy wonderkid who never went on to establish himself in the first team. Almost 30 years on the Fifa series is still standing strong and it seems to be going from strength to strength.
In the beginning it was the little things. Like licensing for example, being able use the real life club and player names, kits and badges gave it an additional real feel.
There was also the soundtrack – songs that went hand in hand with the game. Even today when you hear Blur’s Song 2 you think of Fifa: Road to World Cup 98. Or Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold (FIFA 09)… Aviciis The Nights (FIFA 15)… we could go on.
Today its not uncommon for someone to walk into the room and ask, “So whos playing?” so convinced by the current graphics theyve mistaken it for a real televised game.
However, early on all 11 players looked the same and using just the D-pad limited movement of the ball and players. The joy-stick and 360-degree movement, one button skill moves and signature celebrations again moved Fifa ahead of the competition.
As consoles evolved – so did the series. New features included taking a team of unknown players and building your own dream team. Creating your own player meant YOU could start upfront for Arsenal and outscore Thierry Henry.
And if you were tired of always losing to your friends or big sibling, the introduction of online battles meant you could now lose to an 11-year-old from a bedroom thousands of miles away before angrily turning off the console.
Reality Fix: As real as it gets. The experienced could only be heightened by dressing in full gear (shin-pads and all) and opening your bedroom window as your dad is cutting the grass. Downsides, the slowest defenders in the game have an annoying habit of keeping up and at times catching your Cristiano Ronaldo as he races through on goal.
Fun factor: Its only fun when youre winning but with game modes that ensure you and 10 other mates can all be on the same team, theres the chance to live out all those dreams of lifting a trophy surrounded by the same people you played in the local park with.
Platforms: Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U & Switch, PlayStation 1, 2, 3 & 4, Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One among others.