An 8-year-old American named Hermione is now in another pandemic hot spot; “We thought, ‘We’re getting her to safety,’” said her father

MONTPELIER, OhioWhen the coronavirus exploded in Wuhan earlier this year, Hermione Dickeys parents worked frantically to get the 8-year-old American out of the central Chinese city and onto a U.S. evacuation flight.
Six months after relocating to the U.S., she is again surrounded by the virus. This time the young girl has it. So does her father. And her grandparents.
Now staying near Memphis, Tenn., the blond-haired, blue-eyed Hermione was born in central China in 2012 when her American parents were working there as teachers. Hermione spent most of her childhood in China until this year, when she became a public face of the U.S. governments evacuation of its citizens from Wuhan, which was then the coronavirus locked-down epicenter.
When we evacuated, we thought, Were getting her to safety, said James Dickey, Hermiones father. But in the U.S., he said, the inability to control the virus made it exponentially worse. Ive just been watching with a jaw dropped.
After testing positive for Covid-19 last week, Hermione was put under quarantinefor the third time this yearas western Tennessee emerges as a fresh hotbed of the fast-spreading virus.