A runaway police horse has injured its rider and a pedestrian as Black Lives Matters protestors violently clashed with officers on Whitehall, central London on Saturday.

A female police officer was injured when protesters hurled projectiles and flares at her horse which bolted and sent her into a traffic light, amid chaotic scenes at the Black Lives Matter protest last night. 
Footage shows the demonstration on Whitehall, central London turning violent as protestors bombard mounted officers with missile – and even Boris bikes – after hours of peaceful rallies drew to a close.
Through piecing together pictures, bystanders’ videos and eye-witness accounts at the scene, this how the dramatic situation unfolded.
A female police officer was injured after her horse slammed her into a traffic light, sending its rider flying to the ground after being spooked by projectiles thrown by protestors
Terrified horse hit by missiles and bolts
Shocking footage show a horse on Whitehall in a state of panic after being hit with missiles such as glass bottles and flares thrown by protestors.
The horse’s female rider struggles to stay in control as she rides the animal down the street charging protestors.
But within seconds the horse slams into a traffic light, sending its rider flying to the ground amid shocked gasps from onlookers. 
The runaway police horse then turns back on itself, slamming a demonstrator to the ground as it attempts to flee the scene
Riderless horse hits protestor
The now-riderless horse continues to look to escape the crowds, scattering protestors as they attempt to get out of its path.  
But then, after violently changing direction, the animal runs directly into a demonstrator, knocking them straight to the ground.
Another bystander then captures the horse running up Whitehall before turning off down Horse Guards Avenue, and eventually making its own way to its stables.
The injured officer is seen being pulled off the street by two other officers and a protestor. Met Police have confirmed she is recovering in hospital
Female officer is hospitalised 
In front of Downing Street, two officers and a demonstrator are seen dragging the fallen horse rider out of the street. She is believed to have been knocked unconscious in the fall. 
Met Police said last night: The officer is currently in hospital, receiving treatment for her injuries which are not life threatening.
‘The officer fell from her horse and we are examining the full circumstances of what took place.
The Metropolitan Police told MailOnline that they are continuing to investigation the cause of the incident.
Demonstrators were caught launching bicycles at police horses during violent scenes on Whitehall, central London on Saturday
Protestor hurls bike at horse
Amid an increasingly tense backdrop, protestors continue to throw projectiles at mounted police officers.
A series of photos captures a masked protester wearing a dark blue overcoat and black gloves picking up a Boris bike in front of the Foreign Office.
He then deliberately hurtles the bicycle straight in to the path of a group of police horses.
Witnesses reported another two incidents where bikes were thrown towards horses at around the same time.
One masked man was seen purposefully rolling a Boris bike straight into the path of a mounted horse. Others were seen on social media throwing projectiles such as water bottles at riot police
Bike hits a horse
The bike hits one of the horses on its right side before falling over, causing the horse to rear up as its rider tries to bring it under control.
There are several reports that missiles, possibly a flare, also hit officers on horseback. One bystander said: One flare was an inch from my head.
‘It went right past me and hit the officers shield. A bike was thrown at the horse.
A police horse, believed to have a female rider, bolts after being hit with a bicycle. The horse quickly turns and makes its way down Whitehall as terrified crowds scatter to get out of the way
Terrified horse bolts
More photos show what appears to be a second horse, in front of strewn Boris bikes, standing on its hind legs before it bolts following the incident.
The Met Police confirmed tonight while they are still investigating what happened, no animals were injured in the protests.
Thousands of protestors took to the streets of London today to protest against police brutality, following the death of US citizen George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin.
Protestors congregated in Parliament Square and Downing Street before moving across the other locations in the Capital including Battersea and Victoria. 
The scenes on Saturday are the latest in a string of protests to have taken place throughout the week in London. 
The officer (pictured) lay motionless on the floor following the incident near Downing Street on Saturday afternoon
The officer was moved to the pavement (pictured) after he collided with a traffic light whilst moving at high-speed on the horse
The demonstrations occurred despite please from Government ministers, including Home Secretary Priti Patel and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, to not break lockdown regulations and attend the protests. 
Some protestors were seen wearing face masks and other means of protective equipment. 
Elsewhere in London, popular boxer Anthony Joshua attended a Black Lives Matter demonstration in his hometown of Watford. 
The heavyweight boxing champion made a passionate speech calling for the need to ‘speak out in peaceful demonstrations’ and not to protest with ‘selfish motives and turning it into rioting and looting’. 
There have also been protests in major UK cities such as Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield and Newcastle.