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Thank you!!!! I… honestly never knew I could feel so proud of such a materialistic purchase. Like, I’m not really into cars or video games or fancy clothes. Before I met my wife, I was always the frugal type that would rather get 3 cheap rough and shedding bath towels for $10 dollars at Walmart rather than a “nice” $25 bath towel that is extremely comfy and will last for 10 years (that’s why she’s the boss around here!).
But the fact that I was able to provide something so necessary for my wife and baby, and that we did it the hard way… it made me stand alone in the kitchen tonight and drink my juice with near tears of joy! So cold, crisp, and jussst….. so worth it!!!!
It makes me feel like even through this craziness, we can have hope and faith in ourselves. Thank you for the encouragement! It means a lot!!!