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Las Vegas is a unique city. It lives and dies based on the fact that you can do things there that you can’t do anywhere else in the US. If all those businesses are closed, then the city dies. A city like New York can survive this pandemic fine because of the fact that the city has a strong business sector. Las Vegas doesn’t have this. Las Vegas’s draw is the gambling, casinos, shows, prostitution, easy marriages, ect.
Las Vegas’s major employers are the casinos, and no one will argue that the casinos are essential. If a major casino closes down than it hits Vegas’s population HARD.
Forcing all the casinos to stay closed for extended periods of time might end with some big names to disappear, and this would create a long term issue for Vegas.
Compare this to a city like New York, where if a business goes under, then then the cities economy is large enough that the city can go on.
Keep in mind that Vegas’s public services are also largely funded by the casinos, so they may be running out of money.
The people who live there are aware of these facts, and understand why the mayor is working to reopen the city prematurely. So no, I don’t think this will be a major hit to her come election season.