I don’t know about you, but I’ve ticked off just about every lockdown amusement in the book.
From more active distractions like aimlessly jumping around my front room to the instruction of Joe Wicks, to binging every boxset the internet has to offer; I’ll remember my time in lockdown for many reasons.
That being said, one particular entertainment source stands above the rest, and that was Netflix’s ‘The Last Dance’. For those that haven’t seen it, what else could you have possibly been doing?
The Last Dance told the story of Michael Jordan’s incredible basketball career and centred on the Chicago Bulls’ charge towards the NBA title in 1997-98
With unrivalled access to one of the great sporting teams of all time, I suddenly remembered that Netflix’s bitter rivals Amazon are doing just that for my team – Tottenham – with less emphasis on ‘one of the great sporting teams of all time’, of course.
So, it got me thinking. From Scottie Pippen refusing to play, to Dennis Rodman’s 48-hour long parties, what do I want to see from Spurs’ effort?
Here are seven things I hope Amazon were able to capture:
The Last Dance was brilliant – now we hope the Tottenham documentary lives up to the hype
The post-Brighton reaction
Ask any Spurs fan and they’ll tell you the week we lost to Bayern and Brighton in emphatic fashion was as low as we could get this season.
I felt utterly sick when the final whistle went at the Amex, as did many of the players who looked just as embarrassed as the travelling fans.
One thing that ‘The Last Dance’ examined closely was the reaction of players after significant defeats, getting both real-time and retrospective interviews. If Amazon were able to capture anything of the sort, it could give us real insight into just how bleak it had become under Mauricio Pochettino. Did the players want him gone? Did they want to go themselves? I’d love to find out.
Tottenham were humbled 3-0 by Brighton back in October – days after they were beaten 7-2 at home by Bayern Munich
The arrival of Jose Mourinho
Now this is a part of the Spurs documentary that we already know we’re going to get. It has been revealed that the cameras did manage to film not only the sacking of Pochettino (as incredible as that seems), but the swift arrival of Jose Mourinho the following morning.
From optimistically preparing for West Ham away under Poch, to Mourinho parading around in Spurs gear, we just about heard it all in that 24-hour period.
But will we finally get to see the truth behind all of the stories we heard back in November? Did the microphones pick up the comment about Dele Alli’s brother as it happened? I can’t wait to find out.
Mourinho was appointed Tottenham manager in November after Pochettino’s five-and-a-half-year reign was brought to an end
The Eric Dier incident
It’s crazy to think this wasn’t even that long ago, with Dier’s antics coming after the final Spurs home game before lockdown. I was at the game that night and quickly dashed off the second Norwich’s winning penalty hit the back of the net, missing all of the chaos that unravelled in the West Stand.
It’s our understanding that the confrontation between Dier and a fan extended beyond the incident in the stand, with it also spilling over into the tunnel. If Amazon captured any of the action, it would be fascinating to know exactly what went down that night.

Dier stormed into the stands to confront a fan following Tottenham’s FA Cup defeat to Norwich in March
Dressing room drama
As good a start as Spurs made under their new gaffer, it hasn’t been all plain sailing. From closing the gap to Chelsea to just three points before Christmas, it then quickly unravelled when Frank Lampard out-manouevred his former boss at the new stadium.
Defeats to Southampton and Liverpool quickly followed, and I can’t imagine the dressing room was a particularly pleasant place around the New Year.
We’ve been promised dressing room footage, but how much will we be allowed to see?
Cameras have been in place at Tottenham’s stadium and training ground for the past year – but how much we will be allowed to see?
The treatment room
Now admittedly, this part is largely inspired by ‘Sunderland ‘Till I Die’, more so than ‘The Last Dance.’ In season one following the Tynesiders, we got to see behind-the-scenes in the treatment room, seeing hours of footage following the likes of Jonny Williams on the road to recovery.
It’s no secret that Spurs have had their injury troubles this season, with over 17 squad members falling foul of issues throughout the campaign. Were Amazon able to spend time with those on the sidelines throughout the year?
It would be great to finally get some insight into Harry Kane’s struggles, particularly with many claiming he’s often rushed back prematurely.
Kane suffered a hamstring injury at Southampton on New Year’s Day and will be looking to make his return when football finally resumes
The NFL integration
Like a fair few Spurs fans, I’m not crazy about the NFL presence at the new stadium. That being said, we’ve not been able to see much about just how intrusive it is on the football side of things.
How do the dressing rooms differ? Would it actually be possible to host both a Spurs game and an NFL game on the same day? It would be great to have an episode centred just on the new White Hart Lane and what it means for the future of the club.
The Carolina Panthers and vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers was one of two NFL games held at Tottenham’s stadium towards the end of 2019
Here come the waterworks
Admittedly this part might be a little ambitious. It was great to see Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest athlete of all time, tear up at one stage of the documentary. Not only did it show his human side, but gave a closer look at just how much the sport means to him.
We as football fans aren’t often exposed to anything of this sort by our favourite Premier League heroes. In age of social media, appearance matters more than ever for players, with any form of emotion quickly memed-up quicker than you can blink.
Wouldn’t it be great to see someone like Kane express just how much Tottenham means to him? Ambitious as it may be, what better way to warm yourself to fans even further on a stage as big as this.
The Tottenham documentary will be available to watch on Amazon Prime from the end of July. You can follow Sean Cook on Twitter @TalkingTHFC.