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I never went through the US school system and didn’t know much about it until my own kid entered Kindergarten.
“Shocked” would be an understatement when the teachers sent home a huge grocery list asking for supplies at the start of the year. I’m not just talking notebooks and pencils, but stuff like toilet paper, paper towels, printer paper, hand sanitizer and other basic items that you’d assume the school would be providing.
No musical instruments, no sports equipment, no iPads, etc.
And don’t get me started on the fundraisers and begging letters for donations throughout the school year. School roof has a leak – GoFundMe. We need to upgrade our AC system – family fun night. Looking for donations of flowers and plants so we can redesign the front of the school.
I mean – seriously? In a country that takes in trillions of taxe revenue every year and the parents are having to donate toilet paper to their kid’s school?
Just another example of how the USA is a weird hybrid of first world advanced super power and third world “shithole” as a certain someone likes to say.